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Running multiple showers in your home at one time can quickly deplete your hot water supply.

21 Nov Why Do I Run Out of Hot Water so Fast?

Why Do I Run Out of Hot Water so Fast? Some people are morning people, and some are not. They either wake up ready to tackle the day or drag themselves through the routine of their morning to prepare for the day. And, part of that...

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Ben Franklin Springdale plumber showing PEX pipes in basement

07 Nov Pex Pipe Basics

Pex pipe Basics One of the new technologies to hit the plumbing industry, and makes things more accessible than what they ever used to be. This new system will replace traditional copper and galvanized steel piping. This new technology makes it possible for the DIY crowd...

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Prevent frozen sprinklers with the Springdale plumbers at Ben Franklin.

24 Oct How Do I Prevent Frozen Sprinklers?

How do I prevent frozen sprinklers? Winter weather is on its way and that means its time to prep your plumbing system. This includes your sprinklers. These lines are especially vulnerable to the freezing temperatures that accompany winter months. If not winterized correctly, frozen sprinklers mean...

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Trust your plumbing needs to Ben Franklin Fayetteville plumbers!

08 Oct How to Prevent Pipe Bursts

How to Prevent Pipe Bursts With cold weather around the corner, one of the biggest plumbing incidents is a burst water or sewerage pipe. This problem causes severe damage to the property, furniture, and fixtures. It also puts ones home at high risk of such issues...

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A hot water heater blanket can save you money every month! Learn more with Ben Franklin Fayetteville Plumbers!

12 Sep What is a Hot Water Heater Blanket?

What is a Hot Water Heater Blanket? Do I need a hot water heater blanket? This is a question many often ask themselves. To accurately answer this question, a simple understanding of what is a hot water heater blanket is vital. A hot water heater blanket is...

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Ben Franklin Fayetteville Plumbing is able to assist with common sewer lines.

08 Aug Common Sewer Line Problems

Common Sewer Line Problems When sewer line problems strike, you can count on the crew at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. As dedicated sewer technicians, we use special tools and tactical methods to pinpoint and resolve the most common problems that impact plumbing lines above ground and underground. Because...

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Ben Franklin plumber fayetteville explains how to remove a shower drain cover.

25 Jul How To Remove A Shower Drain Cover

How To Remove A Shower Drain Cover A shower drain cover is great for preventing things like loose pieces of jewelry, hair clips, bathroom razor blades, and shampoo caps from slipping down into the drain. They aren't great at stopping hair though. Over time, hair accumulates...

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