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Learn more about smelly drain cleaning tips from Ben Franklin Plumbing NWA.

11 Apr Easy Ideas for Smelly Drain Cleaning

Easy Ideas for Smelly Drain Cleaning You may think you only need to call a plumber to unclog a drain or fix a leaking pipe. Did you know that your plumber can help you with smelly drain cleaning, too? Yikes, right? We've all been there. Of course,...

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Ben Franklin professional water heater installers finish an installation in NWA.

21 Mar Should I Hire Professional Water Heater Installers?

Should I Hire Professional Water Heater Installers? When it comes to installing a heating unit, the process may look simple. However, there have been many changes in designs and regulations over the years. Hiring a professional water heater installers is a must when you find yourself...

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07 Mar The Most Common Home Plumbing Repairs

The Most Common Home Plumbing Repairs Home plumbing repairs affect most of us from time to time. Even new plumbing installed by premiere builders can develop problems or become worn. Below are some of the most common plumbing issues that merit the evaluation of an experienced...

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A low water pressure problem solved by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing NWA.

14 Jan Low Water Pressure Problems

A low water pressure problem in your plumbing system reaches a tipping point when it affects your ability to accomplish daily activities, including the ability to take a shower, launder clothes and wash dishes. Many homeowners have experienced the frustration of a low water pressure...

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20 Dec What Causes A Running Toilet?

One of the worst sounds that you could hear in your home is a running toilet. Whether it’s a leak or a clog, there could be several toilet problems that you might want to have checked by a professional, such as your local Benjamin Franklin...

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Avoid a clogged sink and drain this holiday season with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

21 Nov Clogged Sink Drain Tips for the Holidays

Have A Clogged Sink Drain? There’s never a good time for a clogged sink drain or busted pipe, but during the holidays they can be downright catastrophic. No one wants to deal with clogged sink drains while also dealing with a packed house of guests and...

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Avoid frozen pipes with Benjamin franklin's tips

10 Nov How To Avoid Frozen Pipes

Why are frozen pipes a problem in winter? Well technically, they aren’t. It’s not the frozen pipes that are the problem, but the water inside those pipes. We all recall from science class that water expands as it freezes. This expansion prevents water flow and exerts...

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing NWA sends this NWA plumber to a Rogers, AR plumbing service call.

20 Oct Plumbing Facts from Benjamin Franklin

Plumbing, we can’t live without it, but how much do we really know about how our plumbing works?  Here's a fun list of things you maybe didn't realize about the plumbing in your house. Why do we call them plumbers? The word “plumber” is derived from...

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Fall Cleaning tips for your home

11 Oct Fall Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Fall kicks off the busy season for plumbers. Your plumbing systems may be under pressure with added use this fall and winter. Take steps now to keep things running smoothly in your home. Fall is a busy season for plumbers all around the country. Calls for...

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20 Sep Halloween Plumbing Safety Tips

It’s technically not even fall yet, but the bags of candy are on display and stores are covered in orange and black decor. Halloween isn’t just about the last week of October anymore. Halloween is to fall what Christmas is to winter.  So you need...

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