Benjamin Franklin Fayetteville Plumbing assists with water heater repair and replacement.

Water Heater Repair

No one likes a cold shower! Thankfully, water heaters prevent that from happening, but what happens when water heaters go out or don’t function properly? You may need a water heater repair. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Springdale. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced Springdale plumbers do water heater repairs and water heater installations with some of the highest quality water heaters on the market.


Just so you know, water heaters have a life expectancy of around 10-15 years. Because of this, water heaters should be checked after 7 years just in case there are problems or the customer wants to switch to a heater that performs more efficiently.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing NWA is the NWA Plumber doing a water heater repair at this Springdale home.Consult with us before you pick a new water heater. We will work with you to determine which kind of water heater will work best for your home’s setup and budget. You may benefit more from having a gas water heater or solar water heater, but some people prefer or may only be able to install electric water heaters. Everyone’s situation is different, and we do water heater repairs and water heater installations for every unique situation .


There are two main groups of water heaters to choose from. Conventional water heaters or storage tank models are powered by either natural gas or electricity. The tanks in these types of water heaters hold from 20-100 gallons of heated water, which provides enough water for a large family to use simultaneously in 3-5 bathrooms. The alternative to this is tankless or on-demand water heaters.


Tankless water heaters, or on-demand water heaters, are the more conservative choice, as they use energy more efficiently. They do not store a supply of heated water in a tank, unlike traditional tank water heaters, that must be re-heated over and over again, waiting for delivery. Tankless water heaters only heat water while you are actively using hot water from a faucet, tub spout, shower head or other water source. No energy is used when no hot water is being passed through a delivery line.

Whether you need water heater repair, new water heater installation or want to install a tankless water heater, – Pick up the phone and call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Springdale today!